SCB supports Utokapat Foundation for Community Water Management at Chaiyaphum’s Ban Non Tae following H.M. the King’s initiatives


Since 2008, Siam Commercial Bank (SCB) has been working closely with the Utokapat Foundation under Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King on community water management projects following H.M. the King’s initiatives. This year, SCB again provided support to the Ban Non Tae community, located in Chaiyaphum’s Khon Sawan District. The project involves the installation of pipelines and the dredging of a canal connecting the Chi River to improve the efficiency of water storage and water source connections. When completed, the project will provide a sustainable source of water for the Ban Non Tae community, while serving to prevent floods and drought and provide sufficient water for agricultural use and human consumption. Providing some 150,000 cubic meters of clean water for the area, the project will help lower expenses by up to 1.35 million baht per year, while yielding benefits to over 1,200 people and some 1,200 rai of agricultural land. During seasonal tropical storms passing the Northeastern region during the past September – October, the community was able to store water from the Chi river as a water maintenance resource, thus preventing floods and providing sufficient water for their crops.

Chaiyaphum’s Ban Non Tae is an example of a community successfully preserving its traditional lifestyles, while progressing towards embracing science and technology to improve local living conditions following in the footsteps of H.M. the late King Bhumibol Adulyadej. To adopt the late king’s water management initiatives into real life, the initiative was established as the 23rd “Natural Museum of Community Water Management Following the Royal Initiative” project. It will serve as a useful learning resource for those interested in applying this concept to their own areas, allowing them to develop sustainable living conditions for local people.

The opening ceremony of this natural museum was officiated by Dr. Royol Chitradon, Utokapat Foundation’s Director and Secretary, and joined by Khun Pratheep Silapathep, Chaiyaphum’s Vice Governor; Khun Boosgorn Triswasdi, SVP of the SCB Corporate Social Responsibility Division; Khun Patchaya Sangkhachand, SVP of SCB Khon Kaen Area Office; and also included representatives from the public and private sectors, local administrative organizations, and the public.

The “Natural Museum of Community Water Management Following the Royal Initiative” project at Ban Non Tae serves to disseminate water management knowledge and understanding under a framework of soil, water, and forest management, while enabling communities to realize and develop resources in accordance with their unique socio-geographical conditions. This approach allows communities to learn about problem-solving and adapting to changes in line with the late H.M. the King’s sufficiency philosophy. To achieve objectives, it is also necessary to apply science and technology theories into practice in conjunction with satellite maps, GPS, and precision levels for analyzing water structure, layout, and waterflow direction in order to connect with the monkey cheek water storage system (or Kaem Ling in Thai) systematically. This approach will help alleviate natural disasters caused by floods or drought, while effectively transforming from single crop to “New Theory” agriculture. Communities will be able to cut costs and generate more household income, leading to the stability of food and water following the Sufficiency Way of Living.