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  • SCB acts as your agent in deducting withholding tax for bank fees/commissions related to your international trade transactions and submitting the withholding taxes to the Revenue Department within the 7th of the following month
  • Your company receives a receipt for the bank fees/commissions, which will include the notification of withholding tax and tax amount for each transaction
  • The Bank will send a “Withholding Tax Report”* detailing each transaction and a summary of the month’s transactions to your company every 5th of the following month via email, to provide you with a record of the tax filings to the Revenue Department.

* If you apply for our agent service for deducting withholding tax for 1) International Trade and 2) Business Cash Management (BCM) and SCB Payroll, SCB Supplier Payment, SCB BAHTNET and SCB Cheque Issuance, you will receive a Comprehensive Withholding Tax Report including the amounts from each of these services.


The Bank takes care of withholding taxes for you. We deduct the tax at the appropriate rates, submit it to the Revenue Department and prepare a Withholding Tax Report for your records.

Provides detailed report of withholding tax, sent automatically via email

SCB's tax services meet international standards, are accurate and reliable

  • Reduces workload and cost of submission of withholding tax
  • No more worrying about meeting tax deadline
  • Free up time for company staff to concentrate on their main duties

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