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  • SCB's Letter of Credit Transfer service lets your company transfer its Seller’s rights under an L/C to a second beneficiary, such as  your own supplier or manufacturer. SCB will issue a Transfer L/C to your supplier via that supplier's own bank (i.e., the Presenting Bank). If the supplier or manufacturer is in Thailand, SCB will directly inform it of the L/C Transfer.
  • You can assign an L/C in full or in part and can direct it to multiple beneficiaries, provided that the total amount does not exceed the amount in the original L/C
  • After your supplier/manufacturer (assignee of the rights) exports the goods according to the Transfer L/C, it will send the relevant documents to SCB to attach to your company's documents as seller. Your company will then instruct SCB to collect payment from your customer's bank. Once payment is received, SCB will disburse it to your supplier(s) according to the L/C rights assignment you specify.
  • SCB must serve as both the L/C Advising Bank and L/C Transferring Bank of the L/C
  • You must inform your customer to specify Siam Commercial Bank PCL (SWIFT Code: SICOTHBK) as the L/C Advising Bank and L/C Transferring Bank


Fast, accurate and trustworthy service from experienced SCB personnel. Our Certified Documentary Credit Specialists (CDCSs) will provide advice and support at every step of the process.

Get professional assistance at any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers conveniently located nationwide

Our L/C Transfer service provides global coverage via SCB's network of partner banks

  • An L/C Transfer increases your payment flexibility when exporting. It eliminates the need to use bank credit facilities to purchase goods from suppliers/manufacturers because you simply transfer the rights of the L/C to confirm the purchase order and make payment.
  • An L/C Transfer gives your suppliers/manufacturers confidence that they will receive payment for goods as long as they perform in accordance to the stated conditions. This helps you build and strengthen your relationships with valued trade partners.

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