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SCB AEC Express provides outward remittance of U.S. dollar funds to your supplier's bank account in any country in the ASEAN Economic Community within the same day when you pay for goods or services.
Countries Covered

Brunei, Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore, Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia


Client must submit the transaction request at an SCB International Trade Service Center or online via SCB Business Net before the cut-off time designated by the Bank for each country on a normal bank working day:

·        Brunei: before 12:00  

·        Philippines, Malaysia, Singapore: before 13:00

·        Cambodia, Laos: before 13:30

·        Myanmar, Vietnam, Indonesia: before 14:00

* Outward remittance of foreign currency must be in accordance to the conditions set out by SCB and the Beneficiary Bank.

* SCB reserves the right to change or revoke any information without advance notice.



"Within the same day" means that funds will reach the recipient bank on the same day as the transfer date, according to the terms set out by SCB.


  • Get funds to your recipient faster, ensuring smooth business.  Now companies don't need to wait several days to receive funds, so delivery of goods can be processed right away.
  •  Increases liquidity without having to keep several days of reserves
  • Increases efficiency in doing business and improves your trade  partner's satisfaction

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