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  • You can streamline an import order by requesting SCB to issue a Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) under your existing credit limit with the Bank. As the Obligor Bank, SCB sends the BPO to your supplier via their Recipient Bank. The BPO specifies the trade data (terms and conditions) for the transaction according to your instructions. When your supplier's Bank receives the BPO, the supplier confirms if the trade data in the BPO is correct according to the sales and purchase contract and informs SCB whether the BPO is accepted. If so, the BPO is considered accepted by both parties.
  • After delivering the goods, your supplier presents the related trade data to the Recipient Bank for checking. The Recipient Bank enters this trade data into the transaction matching application (TMA) for automatic processing. The TMA system sends the match results (either match or mismatch) to both banks. SCB, as Obligor Bank, will then inform your company of the TMA results. If the match is successful, SCB will prepare to make payment for the goods on the due date.  In the event of a mismatch, SCB will ask your company to consider whether or not to accept the mismatch and proceed with payment.
  • SCB also provides BPO Amendment Service when both buyer and seller agree on the terms.


SCB's trade specialists are ready to assist you in every step of the process to give you the highest confidence that your BPO will be issued correctly and speedily and can be trusted

You can submit your BPO instructions at any of SCB's International Trade Service Centers, available nationwide. Or send your instructions online to save time and speed up your receipt of goods.

  • Speeds up receipt of goods because you receive trade documents sooner
  • You don't need to spend your own time confirming transaction details. Let SCB take care of it for you. The digital matching system ensures speed and accuracy.
  • A BPO saves steps. Your company receives the trade documents directly from the seller without having to go through the Bank.
  • An SCB BPO eases your order by giving your supplier assurance of payment
  • SCB acts as your intermediary in confirming the payment
  • A BPO helps ensure that the supplier meets your conditions 



A Bank Payment Obligation (BPO) is an irrevocable undertaking by a buyer's bank (the Obligor Bank) to pay a supplier's bank (the Recipient Bank), provided that the trade data received from the supplier matches the trade data specified by the buyer in the BPO. The supplier's trade data can involve commercial, transport, insurance and certification information that it must deliver to be checked against the BPO trade data.

A BPO and Letter of Credit (L/C) are similar because the buyer's bank is the obligor in both cases. The payment obligation is triggered when the seller complies with all the pre-set conditions. The important difference is that the BPO relies on an electronic platform (Transaction Matching Application, or TMA) to verify the information, whereas an L/C requires the physical checking of documents by bank personnel. A BPO supports online exchange of transaction information rather than sending original physical documents.

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