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SCB China Express provides outward remittances in USD to China within the same day for payment of goods and services

1.       Pays your supplier faster because it goes directly to their bank branch

2.       Helps save on fees levied by the foreign bank

3.       Increases flexibility in managing liquidity because it eliminates need to maintain many days of cash reserves

4.       Streamlines trade by speeding up receipt of goods, supporting your company's growth


* Client must submit transaction to an SCB International Trade Service Center or send via SCB Business Net before 12:00 (noon) on a normal bank working day.

* State the 11-digit SWIFT Code of your supplier's bank (the Beneficiary Bank), which can be obtained from that bank.

* Outward remittances of foreign currencies must be in accordance to the conditions set out by SCB and the Beneficiary Bank.

* SCB reserves the right to change or revoke any information without advance notice.

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