• SCB fully accommodates your company when you pay for goods based on a Bill for Collection (B/C). Your company must proceed according to the terms and conditions before the trade documents may be released.
  • You must ask your vendor to send the trade documents to SCB via their Advising Bank. Our mailing address can be found at
  • SCB alerts you when we receive an Inward Bill for Collection and informs you of the terms and conditions to be met before the documents can be released to you. Normally, there are two types of conditions which are:

                - Documents against Payment: D/P

                - Documents against Acceptance: D/A


SCB accommodates Inward Bills for Collection from your supplier's Advising Bank via our network of partner banks around the world

We provide immediate notification to ensure that you receive trade documents and goods quickly

SCB's International Trade Service Centers are available nationwide

  •  SCB ensures that all your trade documents are received in full
  • Get all trade documents conveniently and quickly.
  • Gain flexibility in timing payments and foreign exchange
  • Increase liquidity by using credit terms for payment

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