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LET’S SCB debit card lets you choose the choice for your lifestyle and enjoy tons of offers.

Go cashless with online shopping

Go cashless with online shopping

Enjoy online shopping around the clock up to 500,000 baht/day. No cash needed and no need to wait for change.
Quick withdrawals & transfers

Quick withdrawals & transfers

Make withdrawals of up to 500,000 baht/day and fund transfers of up to 1,000,000 baht at any bank ATM.
Convenient contactless payments

Convenient contactless payments

Just tap your debit card at an EDC terminal at merchants accepting contactless payments by yourself.
Transactions real-time alerts.

Transactions real-time alerts.

Increased security with free real-time alert service for every transaction via SCB LINE CONNECT.


Special offers for SCB Debit Mastercard holders

Choose your preferred categories: LET’S EAT, LET’S SHOP, or LET’S PLAY offer categories via the SCB EASY App
Get offers and deals worth up to 10,000 baht/year from popular brands.


“LET’S Choose Your Cashback” Conditions

General Conditions:

  • This special offer is available for all types of activated SCB Debit Mastercard.
  • Promotion period from 9 April 2022 – 31 March 2023


Conditions for Choosing Your Lifestyle Category:

  • This “LET’S Choose Your Cashback” privilege allows cardholders to choose only one preferred spending category from LET’S EAT, LET’S SHOP, or LET’S PLAY to receive cashback.
  • Cardholders must register for one category via the SCB Easy application (register only once throughout the promotion period)
  • Limited to one entry per cardholder
  • Cardholders can change their preferred “LET’S Choose Your Cashback” category only once 30 days after their latest successful registration via the SCB Easy application.


Cashback Conditions

  • This special privilege is available for all SCB Debit Mastercard holders who have successfully registered for the “LET’S Choose Your Cashback” promotion during 9 April 2022 – 31 March 2023. Cardholders will receive up to 3% cash back per month from their preferred spending category when using the card at participating merchants under the following Merchant Category Codes (MCC):
  • LET’S EAT (except GRAB and hotel restaurants) under MCC 5441, 5462, 5811, 5812, 5814, 5499, and 5813
  • LET’S SHOP (department stores, supermarket /hypermarket, apparel, and accessories) under MCC 5137, 5139, 5192, 5309 - 5311, 5331, 5399, 5411, 5422, 5451, 5499, 5611, 5621, 5631, 5641, 5651, 5655, 5661, 5681, 5691, 5697 - 5699, 5921, 5931, 5944, 5999, 7296, 7299, and 9751
  • LET’S PLAY (hotels, airlines, and movie theatres) under MCC 3000 – 3999, 4011, 4111, 4112, 4121, 4131, 4411, 4457, 4511, 4582, 4722, 4723, 4789, 5561, 5592, 5815, 5816, 5945, 5962, 7011, 7512, 7519, 7832, 7841, 7993, and 7994
  • Limited to the first 16,500 registered cardholders who have reached a spending amount of 3,000 baht in each month.
  • Cardholders can earn cashback up to 100 baht per month, or 1,200 baht per year. (Cashback will be calculated from the exact amount with two decimal points.)
  • Cashback will be calculated after spending amounts have reached 3,000 baht or more per selected spending category per cardholder per month
  • Cashback will get credited to a cardholder’s account linked to their highest spending card in preferred category within 30 days of the month the requirement is fulfilled.
  • Valid for spending amounts that have been billed by the Bank, excluding cancelled transactions. In case of cancelled transactions, the amount will be deducted from the calculated amount.
  • Cardholders must maintain their SCB Debit Mastercard holder status until receiving cashback.
  • This special privilege under the promotion cannot be transferred, exchanged, or changed to cash or other items.
  • SCB reserves the rights to amend conditions, terms, requirements, and benefits, and may cancel this promotion with notification 7 days in advance of the effective date, unless there is a need whereby such advance notification is impossible. In case of any dispute, SCB’s judgment is deemed final.
  • For more information, please contact the SCB Call Center at tel. 02-777-7777.


Apply for LET’S SCB debit card

3 channels

Applicant qualifications

Individuals with a minimum age of 15 years.

Required documents

Required documents

Copy of I.D. card, passport, government employee card or state enterprise employee card.

SCB Passbook

Your SCB savings or current account passbook.


Joining fee

Joining fee

100 Baht
Annual fee

Annual fee

200 Baht
New card issuance fee

New card issuance fee

100 Baht

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