What is "prompt insurance"?

SCB offers three types of plans that we call "prompt insurance" because they are so convenient: Personal Accident Insurance, Overseas Travel Insurance, and Car Insurance Type 3.


These special policies give you the benefits of basic insurance coverage, but you don't even need to fill out an application form. They are:


1.1 Personal Accident Insurance

Pays medical expenses for physical therapy sessions at 1,000 baht per visit, up to a maximum of 10,000 baht per year.  Pays up to 500,000 baht in case of loss of life due to accident.


1.2 Overseas Accident Insurance – 7 days or 15 days

Can be used for EU Schengen Visa application.

Pays up to 2,000,000 baht in case of loss of life due to accident.


1.3 Car Accident Insurance Type 3

You will get a discount on premiums if you have a good driving history.

Covers pick-up truck at same price as passenger car.

What conditions would make me ineligible for cancer insurance?

Diagnosis of cancer before enrollment. Detection of cancer within 90 days from the date the coverage becomes effective in the first year. Testing positive for HIV or having AIDs-related disease.

Who is eligible for income compensation coverage (Happiness Protection)?

You must be an SCB customer, age 20-60, or 61-65 for renewal. On the first day that the insurance becomes effective, you must be in perfect health and have no disability.  You must never have had or undergone treatment for any disease—heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer, AIDS, brain tumor, kidney disease, liver disease or bone & joint disease--before enrolling.  

What can I do if cannot afford to pay a premium due to a financial problem?

If you cannot pay a premium by the due date, please contact the Company, an SCB branch, or your service representative to exercise your right to assistance as provided by the policy in case of financial need. You may:


1.      Change the payment interval, e.g., from annual to every 6 months, every 3 months or monthly, so that each payment will be smaller.


2.      Request a policy loan to pay for the premium.


3.      Reduce the sum insured or terminate a rider to reduce the premium to the appropriate level.


4.      Request to extend the policy term or to give up the policy. 

The premium was raised to a higher amount than previously stated in the policy. Why doesn't the premium stay the same every year?

The premium for the main life insurance policy will remain the same throughout the policy period. But a premium adjustment, either up or down, may be required for some rider policies, e.g., for additional health coverage or serious disease coverage, where the premium rises in line with the age of the insured person. The specific premium will follow the premium table indicated for each particular rider policy.

What should I do if I need to change any personal information previously submitted for the policy

You can notify us of any changes, such as name or surname, beneficiary, address, telephone number, payment channel (e.g., change to pay by credit card or  auto debit from bank account) as well as any changes regarding the premium (e.g., to purchase or cancel a rider,  raise or lower the sum insured or change the payment interval, such as from annual to every 6 months).


 You can submit a change request form together with payment if you are buying additional coverage. The Company may request a medical check-up for certain changes.

What should I do to renew a lapsed policy?

: You can renew a policy within 5 years after the premium payments have lapsed. To renew, you must:


1. Indicate your intention by submitting a policy renewal request form to the Company


2. Present a medical check-up certificate to confirm that you are in perfect health or in a state of health  that the Company would accept in order to provide coverage. (Please note that the Company would not pay for the check-up, however.)


3. Pay the renewed premium and compound interest at the rate required by the Company.


4. Repay any debt, together with compound interest liable on the policy at the rate required by the Company. The renewal will take effect only after the Company has issued its approval.

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