Service Details

An e-KYC service for opening a no-passbook savings account (on-line) on the SCB Easy Application for new customers and existing customers


Account Type

Eligible for no-passbook savings accounts (on-line). See product details. ;


No-passbook savings accounts (on-line) get a 1.5% interest rate for deposit amounts from 1 - 1,000,000 baht




Amounts not exceeding 1,000,000 baht 1.50%
Amounts exceeding 1,000,000 baht 0.50%
Service Fee

Service Fee

Free of charge
Service Points

Service Points

Any 7-Eleven counter service nationwide.

Service Process




1.  Service process at 7-Eleven Counter Services

  • Request “SCB account opening with e-KYC” service at a 7-Eleven counter.  
  • Insert your ID card at the EDC. 
  • Enter a telephone number
  • Press the “Green” button to accept the terms and conditions for e-KYC service. 
  • Remove your ID card from the EDC. 
  • To perform facial recognition, the 7-Eleven employee will take your photo to verify against your ID card.* 
  • You must complete the following steps:
    - Enter a temporary PIN to be used for account opening on the SCB Easy App.
    - Confirm the temporary PIN to be used for account opening on the SCB Easy App.
    - Accept the service terms and conditions once again. 

Receive a slip and SMS when completing the transaction and continue the transaction on the SCB Easy App. 


2. Process on the SCB Easy App


Counter Services

Provide e-KYC service for opening SCB no-passbook savings accounts at any 7-Eleven counter service nationwide.



Things to Prepare

For e-KYC

  • National ID card


For account opening

  • SCB EASY App
  • Required information
    o Telephone number
    o Temporary PIN for using on the SCB EASY App.

Service Conditions

  • 07.00 -22.30 hrs. for transactions on the SCB Easy App. 
  • Information received from the SCB Easy ID will be valid for 3 days.  A new e-KYC is needed if performing a transaction after that period.  
  • Exist customer e-KYC with conditions below:
    - Never have a deposit account. But have other products of the bank, or have previously had a deposit account, but have no movement for 1 year and has zero account balance.
    -  Name and surname, mobile phone number match the information that the customer has provided to the bank.

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