Five things about being single that make the world envy

‘Being single’ what is wrong? .Why people don’t want to be single? To be single has a lot of good benefits that the married people don’t have #singlestrong

1.  Don’t have to share time with anyone 

There is ample time for singles to do what they love. Whether to read books, sleep, watch movies, listen to music, play games, play sports, travel or learn to do new things. Because we do not have to care for anyone. Envious, right?

2. Freedom is my choice

Single people are free to think and decide to do anything. No one can stop from doing what we want. No need to report time when go out anywhere. No need to look at the face whether they like it or not. Do not have to please anyone. Do not be jealous. Most important single people can date with anyone we like. This is a freedom life style.

3.  Easy and comfortable life

Staying alone is that there is no burden but when you married the burden is doubles. It will multiply two times from eating to sleeping. If you have children, then don’t want to mention. The single lives comfortably and don’t have a lot of things that bother. The world is so bright!

4.  Cannot save more than this

The cost is not much. Singles will spend for themselves. If single know how to save money, manage and grow money. Do not spend on unnecessary things then they will have a secure financial status. Our money and make it and manage it ourselves, this is the best.

5.  Repay the kindness

Does not mean that the married are not be grateful but they have more responsibilities and have less times. Families with single person is often served to nourish the parents. Then the single will have more chance to repay obligation. This is wonderful.

Even being a "bachelor" will have people secretly jealous, but the singles also have things to worry about. The worries are no one will care for them when they are sick and when they are old and don’t have enough money after retirement. The singles can overcome this fear by have a good financial planning.


  • Save early and get rich faster with the power of compound interest

Be single or not Saving money is important. The faster savings, the more chances to succeed. For example, two people save the same 2,000 baht a month, with an interest of 10% per year and the interest will not be used. A savings at 20 years B savings at the age of 30 years. At age 60, A has savings of 11,684,443 baht and B has savings of 4,342,642 baht. This is the answer why "savings earlier will be richer" with the power of compound interest rates.

  • Maximize your savings

Although, saving sooner will get rich faster,
may not be enough to create financial wealth. We need to increase the potential of savings by investing in various forms such as stocks, mutual funds, real estate, etc., to generate more returns than deposits. Before investing, consider investing model and the risk level.

  • Pin the new cities that good for retiree 

Now there are several integrated retirement condo projects that the single people can buy for investment at the young age and then continually pay installments. Or can rent it out to help for payment. At retirement, there will be housing, and people take care. It is important to have more money to pay for public expenses and personal expenses.

  • Good health prevails over half

Although, the singles have money. If they have a bad health, money that saved will be gone with the medical treatment. So, keep your health in mind since you are young. Regular exercise will make you healthier. When you are healthy, it is good quality of life and you do not have to suffer at the time of illness.

  • Health insurance for single people should not be overlooked

At the old age, the body degenerated over time. Having health insurance will reduce the cost of medical treatment. Especially for the single people who don’t have other to help. It is difficult to borrow money from others. Health insurance is another way to increase a peace of mind.

  • Mind health take care it you will not be lonely

Staying alone can be lonely. Single people should go out with the relatives or friends. You can find groups to do public activities, do good, and meet new friends. Or may practice meditation to calm the mind. It is another way to reduce the loneliness and make single people have healthy and strong mind.


See that being "singles" does not have to be discouraged. Save money and be strong because people will look at you and secretly jealous ....