Famous brands mobilize production capacity against the threat of Covid-19

During the 2-3 months that the virus, Covid-19 Spread from Wuhan city China to various countries quickly, not limited to the neighboring countries in Asia. But traveled across the world to Europe, America, which the World Health Organization (WHO) announced that the covid-19 virus Is a global pandemic (Pandemic) that affects heavily in country During this critical time In addition to financial support Many world-class business brands have announced themselves fighting the Covid-19 virus. By switching to producing medical equipment that is lacking to save humanity from this crisis.

Safety mask manufactured by SHARP-KERING-ZARA-H & M.

Covid-19 virus Causing demand for medical equipment such as "Mask" is a lot for the leading technology countries. Of the world like Japan, a SHARP brand of electrical appliances Has changed the LCD manufacturing plant that already has a sterile room to produce a mask, mask to send to the Japanese government to distribute further

To the European side In Italy and France, which have been heavily affected by the cattle-19 virus, Kering, the owner of the luxury brand Gucci, Balenciaga YSL, has issued a statement to change its production facilities in Italy and France. To produce a mask To give to employees and medical and public health personnel as well as ZARA, a Spanish fashion brand Another country affected by the Covid-19 virus Top heavy attack Announced a factory change to produce a mask Clothes, clothes and essential equipment such as gloves Glasses and hats to deliver medical staff and hospitals throughout Spain, as well as the global fashion brand H&M, with a network of 750 suppliers, owners of more than 1,400 manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia, and Africa will produce PPE sets to support the work of medical personnel around the world

Hand washing gels from famous cosmetic/alcoholic brands

Hand washing gel is another necessity in preventing Covid-19. In this regard, the leading cosmetic brands Guerlain, Dior, Givenchy, LVMH brands, L’Oreal group, Clarins, Estee Lauder, etc. have switched to hand washing gel to distribute to volunteers. Public health officer Hospitals and sectors in the society that lack



Need for an alcohol gel Enhanced antiseptic, as a result, Diageo, the famous whiskey maker, Johnnie Walker, has donated 2 million liters of GNS (Grain Neutral Spirit), 2 million liters of 96% ethyl alcohol, to antiseptics companies in 7 countries. In which the refinery is located free of charge It is expected to produce up to 8 million disinfectant 250 milliliters on the Remy Cointreau camp. The owner of the Remy Martin brand has stopped production at the Anger factory in order to donate alcohol to the French public health organization. In addition, other alcoholic beverages, such as the Barcadi, the Amber Beverage Group, produce alcohol hand washing gels to the hospital. The local medical unit where the factory is located.

Thai brands are helping to protect against Covid.

On the Thai side, businesses and citizens are helping to fully support the work of medical personnel. Many Thai business brands, such as Wacoal, NaRaYa, Mc Jeans, GQWhite, Greyhound Original, school uniform, anchor, etc., have turned to produce good quality cloth masks for the public to choose to protect the body from the Covid-19 virus. That in addition to supporting funds the cooperation of all of us in following the Social Distancing approach and is being supported by all sectors of society. All are important forces that will help our country escape from the virus Cool-19. Finally


* Information as of 30 March 2020







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