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The true story that international business people face

In the war for import-export business If missing the correct information Is like going out to fight without weapons, accurate information, timely, easy to understand, helping to make more accurate decisions, and gain an advantage in this business war. Today, we have 2 businessmen in the chemical industry. Khun Kaj Kositrat from CHEMMIN CORPORATION and Khun Nattapong Sintavarayan from WORLD FOOD & CHEMICAL Will share the importance of information as a weapon to gain an advantage over competitors in the business world that competes with information

Information secret weapon to victory

Chemicals are not short supply chains, but each long supply chain can be used in many industries. Therefore, if anything changes even a little Will cause the market price to change very fast. The difficulty is understanding and accessing this information. If we can update the situation on both the supply and demand side, how quickly We will manage the business safely. And make the business more stable. If knowing this information first, we will be able to manage the stock. Make the price better than others Faster than others” Khun Kaj Kositrat from CHEMMIN CORPORATION, importer of chemical raw materials Tells the importance of having fast and accurate information.

This era is the age of information. Businesses must compete with information. Anyone who has faster and more timely information will be able to leave their competitors farther and faster. "In this era, we must develop methods of data analysis. With clear information, standards within the organization, and bringing information from outside the organization into, Therefore, the format of the data entered the more central the more, the easier to manage. SCB Trade Club has the potential. It is a good opportunity to have a system that helps centralize data so we can manage external data more easily. "Khun Kaj Added that the importance of having a complete international data center in one place.”

The opportunity lost to the confusion in the preparation of documents and procedures endlessly

"Regardless of what you import What will you produce You must register correctly. We will bring a product to be registered. Regarding the request for permission, everything in this process, if we go the wrong way It will take a very long time. It will make us lose trade opportunities. " Khun Nattapong Sintavarayan from WORLD FOOD & CHEMICAL Business of importing products from foreign countries like Food Chemistry, Feed Chemistry, industrial chemistry said.

That is one of the pain points that import and export business entrepreneurs encounter. A lot of information to study Complex procedures must be passed correctly. Because the slower and more wrong it is, the greater the business opportunity that is lost. "It's a problem for people who don't yet have a license. But if you have a license then it will become a plus You have a certificate, you can. Others can't. " Khun Nat described the opportunity of people who registered products faster. But it is not easy to go through each stage and each step. Some products take more than half a year to successfully register. Which means the business advantage that must be lost to competitors

Complicated both import and export

Not just an import business that has to go through a complicated government process and documents. The same applies to exports. "It has been difficult since we were already in the country. We can send anything out through the customs or port authorities. He will have to ask for the document that How risky is this product? Is it a forbidden product? Is it a rare item? This is the first line. Namely from Thailand, out of the country. The second checkpoint is when the products have arrived What is the destination he wants? Which each place and each product is not the same Not all countries are the same, "said Nat, telling the challenges of import-export businesses.

These problems will be greatly reduced when there is a Trade Portal. The key features in SCB Trade Club are the knowledge base for doing international business such as Customs Duties and Local Taxes, Sanctions lists, Best Countries for Trade, Trade. Shows and more than 30 shows. The content is always updated and the translation of legal or official language that is difficult to understand for the general public to understand and follow the methodology easily and correctly with the Trade Portal service under the SCB Trade Club that has complete information for entrepreneurs. Just a click All information will be in your hands.

"One set of laws is not two pages. It is also ten pages. Before we read it and another foreign language Then sometimes we meet another language Like China, He didn't speak English. It is entirely Chinese, it is also a waste of time. But if you look at the Trade Portal, you will conclude. "Khun Nat said of the help that shortened the duration of work.

When there is a shortcut cut straight to a standardized data warehouse Timely and completely waiting for you to access Why would it be a trial and error to travel around? All the information has been collected in the Trade Portal. Just go to the SCB Trade Club website. And click the Trade Portal menu to access information Knowledgebase and necessary tools are available free of charge. To expand your business globally Say this before that the Trade Portal data warehouse is just one feature of the SCB Trade Club. Follow the next section for other cool features of the Trade Club that will help strengthen your business. Because we have created specifically to support international business entrepreneurs like you.