A moment vs. A dream an adjustable equation

To those who have never had a drea......

What's your dream? Dream big and go get it, what is your goal in the next 3 and 5 years? --- Must think big, dream big, set goals for life, many people are familiar with these sentences and they are cultivated thing that used to teach to motivate each other for a long time, both on the educational institutions, big companies, even teaching in the family. That having dreams and setting goals is the key to success. I am one of the infinity of people who believe in this thing ... .. until watching a Japanese TV program, causing the question "For those who have no dreams, no goal, can they be successful? "

"The Professionals" Japanese TV program on NHK WORLD, which every episode that I watched are valuable. Every time when watching this program, I must think more, and it encourages my positive thinking every time. Professionals is a documentary series that focuses on first-class professionals from various fields in Japan. Either a big banker, bbusinessmen in various industries Kabuki actor, lacquer technician until the merchant sells fish, a variety of professional fields is not limited to just high-class career. One of the most impressive things is the deep storytelling method, makes it possible for the audiences to see how the professions work, think, and solve problems.And most importantly, their passion that shine in all the works they do. By following and filming when they do the actual work with real customers, real employees, real situations, real problems and real projects. Those professionals must accomplish with SUPER A +++ works. Including having a flashback back to look at their backgrounds and the experience that molded before making them successful professionals today.

There was one stumbling part and there are many sentences that made me must think more because it has a contradiction between the beliefs of dreams, setting goals and success.” Walk in the Center of Sunny Street: Yoko Shibata, Brand Producer” is the episode that tells the story of the "professional" Yoko Shibata, the brand creator, an \owner of Yoko Shibata office, small company in Shibuya, Tokyo. Which provides services as a brand consultant from corporate branding, product development, retail store design, which has been trusted by many famous companies in Japan.

"Imagination" is one of the keywords that Shibata emphasized in her work. One big project is a coffee shop redesign, she told her subordinates who was responsible for this project “Because the work we do never happened No one has done; therefore, we must use "imagination". Imagine if we are customers, how do we feel? We must see a clear picture and presented that image clearly when we had to sell idea to customer. Her team had to sit and observe at the coffee shop both front and back of the store for month and proposed ideas back and forth many times until Shibata was satisfied. Shibata let her team presented this important work to the customers themselves. She told the team that they must be confident in the proposed idea. If we are not confident, customers will not be confident as well.  Shibata said that she wanted to encourage potential staff to grow. By assigning important projects to be responsible for themselves from beginning to end. By which she acts as a mentor.

Shibata cares about every detail, from small matters, such as how her staff receiving phone calls until every presentation to present the customer. She will carefully examine every word and there is nothing too small that she can let gothere were many times that she worked until the morning of the next day that had to present the project to customer. But when he appeared in front of the client, she still looked beautiful, bright and energetic, with no signs of weariness for customers to see. At the time that I was watching, I thought that she would be single. But the truth is, Shibata has a family and is a mother of two children!

She said that when she started working as a secretary, she was accepted by both the boss and colleagues in dedication. pay attention to every detail in the job that is responsible. Even small jobs like buying gifts for customers. She said that she wanted the recipient to be happy with the item. Until finally, her boss said that her potential was more than what she had done every day with the secretarial work. And let her move to look at the Product Development, although she has never had previous work experience. But she did not hesitate to take that opportunity and thought that every work could be learned and intended to do each assignment as best as possible. Until the whole experience brought her today as Japan's leading producer brand!

The climax of this show is the last question “What is a professional?”  Then each top-level professional will write the definition of a professional in his own perspective on paper. Shibata, the branding professional, is written in Japanese that means "Focus on what is in front" She said that since childhood, she was not a dreamer, never dreamed of wanting to be anything, do nothing, do not have a long-term goal. But what is her character is doing the best on thing in front. Every assignment, no matter the job is difficult or easy, always dedicate to work, work hard and pay attention to detail. Because she always aims for the best results. And then continue to do this with new tasks… Who would believe that a successful brand builder never has a dream, but this woman already prove that this is possible?

This reminds me one of the Buddhism that “to stay in the present moment” Do the best today and everyday because now is the future indicator! There is no dream that floats in the long run but full of imagination to design the work in front of and with the happiness of customers as the core in creating innovation. Should be able to explain how Yoko Shibata works in a short sentence. The path to success is not just a single path, either have a dream or no dream. Neither of them is wrong but depending on the individual's perceptions. But what every professional has is the intention, every effort, and the work at hand. The dream may not be far away, but the success can come as well.

Unfortunately, The Professional does not have a video on demand that can watch later. But for anyone who wants to watch a good TV program that has a good production and very inspirational, I would like to recommend this program. See more information at 


Credit picture from https://www3.nhk.or.jp/nhkworld/en/tv/professionals/20181216/4003104/