Second job is a must have! Extra income for salaryman 4.0 era.

It’s the end of having only one source of income. If any salaryman still only rely on fix regular salary, must adjust a mindset quickly.
Nowadays, there are many interesting careers on the online channels that you can choose to make money easily without traveling to many places. Just need to put the diligence and the passion and some job you can make more money than regular job.

1.  Online Writer

If you are an avid reader but feel that there is no fiction that you want to read. Then you really want to write one yourself. Just try to draft the plot and identify characters and background of each character. Don’t keep say “later” and just do it now. Now a day new writer has the chance to be born easily because there are many reading and writing platforms like DekD, fictionlog, readawrite, ธัญวลัย and joylada.

In addition, selling online fiction is set to make the reader buy more easily.
Allows writers to sample content first then set the price themselves through the sale of each episode separately or a bunch of chapters into packages depending on the platform. Make many of both new and old writers have tangible income from this channel. Also, full fill the dream to become a writer to reach the shore faster as well.


2. Online Language Teacher

​We are in an age where learning a single mother tongue may not be enough for the working world. Many salarymen are looking for assistants to learn 2nd and 3rd languages. 

But if they must travel other place to go to the language school after work, it can be difficult for many people because time is not allowed.

This is a career opportunity for "online language teacher". The salaryman who master foreign language is no need to renounce the job. You can teach Thai or foreign students through the screen of a laptop or tablet. You can teach any language they want English, French, Chinese, Japanese, Korean or Thai.  You can identify your desired hourly pay and teaching schedules that your online students will choose before or after your routine. Try allocating time.

The outstanding platform that links teachers to students around the world is  Or try advertising on social media to target audiences. Then launch Skype Teach one on one. The alternative is to teach the lesson on YouTube, to show your ability as a teacher in you to see the potential. To build a fan base to continue to grow.

3. Sell ​​Images Online

Photos sold on the website Photo Gallery like Shutterstock, Getty Images and Offset. There are  not only pictures that you must carry the camera to take the picture outside to capture the scenery but also can be photos that took smart phone or tablet easily like pens or coffee cups. By set up the lighting, lay out, dimensional elements to sharpen the image with meaningful. Take a lot of angles that customers can choose the one the best fit their requirement.

4. Youtuber Transform your talents into fabulous content.

When the era changed, YouTube become a big television channel that gathers a huge list of interests. With the golden phrase of the world trend “I Want What I Want When I Want It” (IWWIWWIWI) which means “I want what I want when it's time for me” The new generation turned to make their own YouTube channels more and more. This new career shook the media and entertainment world, called "Youtuber". 

When looking at statistics from the YouTube Pulse 2018 found that
Internet users in Thailand are more than 57 million people and over 92% access YouTube, plus 75% are also active daily. The most popular content in music, entertainment and how-to video.

5. Host Experience 

Host Experience is another enviable career. Owning an open-panel experience, selling traveling activities on popular platforms like Airbnb and The guests will learn the new experience and local flavor. For example, if you love cycling you may invite tourists to visit the scenic bustle at the Bngkrajao Samutprakan. Or if you are a lover of the bazaar and cooking Thai food. You may open 1 day-class to teach tourists from buying raw materials to cooking some famous menu like Padthai or Tomyam. Besides making money form thing that you have passion for, you also make new friends, new societies and opportunities to improve your language skill.

If you think alone, do it alone, can be lonely. You can try visit “Co-Sharing Spaces” where there is a group of people that have the same interest may be more fun. Some condominiums like XT Lifestyle Condominium has a creative studio or Co-Creation Space for brainstorm and create the new idea. This can bring the second job with good income. So, will making money and making friend in the same time.

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